Product -  HDMI Cable Tester  - HDMI Cable Map Tester
1). Pin–to–pin test for HDMI type cable
2). Easy to read the test result by dual color of LED bar
3).Displays the cable status for open, short and mis–wire
4). Quick Detect the Good/Bad cable
5). Beeper indicator to easily identify Good or Bad cable (audible)
6). Low battery indicator

HDMImapper (HDMI High Definition Cable Tester) is designed to test and troubleshoot the pin connections of HDMI cables. It detects the HDMIcable pin out and provides a detail information if the cable is damaged or in good quality. It tests for results by using pin–to–pin connection and verifies an open, short or mis–wire pins. The unit also displays a quick and easy to read dual LED color (green and red) to conveniently let the user know if the cable passes or failed the test.
This user friendly tool will easily test HDMI cables by connecting both ends of the cable to the unit. A LED will illuminate in red color to indicate open, short, or mis–wire cable. Hence, if the cables pin configuration had passed, the LED will illuminate in green color. Now with its auto scanning feature and audible notification, test an HDMI wire condition has never been easier and quicker. On the other hand, the HDMImapper can also display detail information of the wire faults if required.