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4x4 HDMI Matrix with RS232, supports 4Kx2K
4X4 HDMI Matrix, support 4kx2k, Multiple control ways: Local IR, IR routing (IR-38HZ), RS232 Control
Full HD 9x9 Seamless switching matrix with 3x3 multi-view
9X9 seamless HDMI matrix with 3x3 Multi View, with Coaxial Audio interface for each output, Support RS232 & Lan control
8x8 HDMI Matrix with WIFI, RS232
8x8 HDMI Matrix, reading and saving EDID funtion from displays
Each port supports both HDMI and DVI inputs
Six switching modes:panel buttons,local IR, RS232, nd smart equipment.
Compliant HDCP, with WIFI
TVI to HDMI Converter with 1xlooping TVI output
TVI to HDMI converter,with 1 looping TVI out, support 1080p Support transmission distance upto 100m over TVI Cable Support Multi-Level Cascading
100m HDBaseT Extender with HDCP2.2, POC, 4K, CEC, RS232, Bi-directional IR
100M HDBASET Extender, support 3D, Bi-directional wide band IR, CEC
Support 4kx2k @60hz YUV 4:2:0, HDCP2.2 &HDCP1.4 compliant Support POC (Receiver powered by transmitter) RS232 pass through