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HDMI + RS232 300M Extender over Optical Cable
The HDMI Fiber Extender + RS232 (HFE-300M-LRS) is a state-of- the-art HDMI+RS232 fiber Extender that can extend the RS232 signal and the Full HD 1080p deep color with multichannel digital audio up to 300 meters over the SC duplex multimode fiber cable. There are no signal delays and no electro-magnetic interference.
HDMI Cable Map Tester
HDMImapper (HDMI High Definition Cable Tester) is designed to test and troubleshoot the pin connections of HDMI cables. It detects the HDMI
cable pin out and provides a detail information if the cable is damaged or in good quality. It tests for results by using pin–to–pin connection and verifies an open, short or mis–wire pins. The unit also displays a quick and easy to read dual LED color (green and red) to conveniently let the
user know if the cable passes or failed the test.
16 port HDMI Splitter, support 3D
16 port HDMI Splitter, distributes 1 HDMI source to 16 HDMI Displays simultaneously, support 3D

4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch
This Foxun True 4x4 HDMI Matrix is a economical version routing type matrix.This new matrix is fully HDMI V1.3b supported. An EDID learning fuction is added to increase its capability of compatible. You can remote control the sources from the sink side via a extended receiver. So that you can configure the system much easier than using simple point to point IR connection.To fix the matrix to certain places such as ceiling or wall, a mounting ears are also supplied in the package
60m HDMI Wall Plate Extender via UTP cable
50m HDMI WallPlate Extender, each set includes one transmitter and one receiver
Use Dual UTP cable(Cat5E/6)to substitute HDMI cable to achieve long distance transmission distance reaches up to 50 meters under the video format of 1080P.