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1 x 2 HDMI Splitter upscale 1080P to 4Kx2K
1 x 2 HDMI Splitter upscale 1080P to 4Kx2K, Simultaneously displays 1 Full HD source to 2 Uitra HD displays,
HDCP compliant
Support 3D and CEC
IR to HDMI Adapter
Easily send an infrared (IR) signal over your HDMI cable. Control a video source from a remote location by sending its remote control IR signal over your HDTV existing HDMI cable. This adapter kit uses the HDMI CEC channel to transmit the IR signal over the length of the HDMI cable.
3x1 HDMI Switch, support 3D, CEC
3x1 HDMI Switch, supports Resolution up to 1080p.
No need DC power
HDMI Cable Tester
The HDMI cable tester is designed to check and troubleshoot the pin connections of HDMI cables. It is ideal for testing continuity of each signal pin of a HDMI cable prior to installation on equipments.
50m HDMI Extender over single cat5e/6
HDMI Extender use single UTP cable(Cat5E/6)to substitute HDMI cable to achieve long distance transmission distance reaches up to 50 meters under the video format of 1080P.
Support 3D