4x1 HDMI Multi-viewer
4x1 HDMI Multi-viewer, Spport PIP, PAP, Full Screen,
Dual Mode and QuadView
4X4 Seamless HDMI matrix & 2x2 Video
4X4 seamless HDMI matrix with RS232, Lan control, support 2X2 video wall
HDMI Extender 20KM over Optic
Extends 1080p HDMI signals up to 20km over a optic cable. Optical fiber use rules out any RF interference.
100M Wireless HDMI extender
100M Wireless HDMI extender, support various applicatons:
Point to Poin
Point to Mult-Point (up to 4 monitors display simultaneously)
Mult-Point to Point (up to 3 sources for selecton)
1x8 3G SDI Splitter & Repeater with Re-clocking function
1X8 SDI Splitter & Repeater with large cascade,Single Unit can transmit upto 120m @1080p (Beldon 1694A)